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About Us

We Are

In this modern era of information, the world is growing closer than ever before.  Effective communication has never been more important than it is today.  Speaking multiple languages allows us to better understand our neighbors, our friends, and our business associates. So why is language learning so difficult?  Others have taught us to reverse engineer it.  They do it BACKWARDS.

When we are children, we learn to speak a language by THINKING in that language.  We listen to our parents speak and try to discern what they are saying piece by piece – learning the language naturally, as our brain is wired to do.  We learn sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary as one, coming to understand the world around us through our dominant speech patterns.

We Make

In March of 2017, some previous employees of CTI and some new faces came together to buy JtG from him in return for fulfilling all previous back orders. It was a slow start in the beginning, but UM eventually created an upgraded version of JtG that we’re using to start fulfilling all of the back orders with.

And, well, that brings us to now! The ball is rolling, and we’re not only fulfilling our promise to those still waiting patiently for their decks, but offering our new and improved products for sale. We know some of you may feel hurt and mistrusting after your experience with CTI, and we certainly understand why. We don’t demand that you put your faith in us; we’re going to give you proof. Contact us if you have any questions at all, and know that we will strive to always put all of you first and foremost.

Our Story

Unnamed Method is a company dedicated to furthering communication between cultures by flipping the script on this outdated process.  By gamifying the language, you learn the sentence structure in advance. As you become more familiar with the game, adding expansion decks expands your understanding of the language, the culture, and the thought process of the people who speak that language.


Japanese the Game



Meet our incredible Unnamed Method Crew! We’re here to help in any way we can.

Kira Loveless

Our fearless leader and native Las Vegan, she’s the reason UM exists at all. After a long day of conquering the world, she relaxes at home with her five cats and many fish while catching up on Visual Kei bands.

Jamin Loveless

The man with many plans and an eye for what people want, Jamin also is the voice behind our Facebook page. A car kind of guy a la SCCA, Jamin is also obsessed with The Wheel of Time and Mistborn series!

Jenapher Hutchinson

Wrangler of money and the one who keeps the company organized, Jena has a degree in Linguistics and is also the company’s resident language expert. When not keeping our world in line, she enjoys cooking and trying new food!

Katrina Eppley
Director of HR

The one who tells everyone else to take breaks and seeks out new UM talent, Kat also has a degree in Anthropology and is the company’s resident cultural expert. After working hard, you can find her playing Overwatch and writing on the side!