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Japanese the Game: Full Set


Japanese: The Game, the breakaway hit with linguists and Otaku alike, flips the script on traditional language education. Playing the Language teaches you the grammar BEFORE the vocab, giving you a structure on which to hang new words. You get all sets in this package deal.

Japanese the Game: Core

Jump into the Japanese language with the Japanese: The Game Core deck! Featuring 108 cards, it’s the perfect introduction to the game and everything you need to get playing, including helpful color coded layout cards and basic conjugation cards. Enough for 1 to 2 players, the Core deck supports multiple play styles, from single player to cooperative and competitive play. Settle in and start learning Japanese by playing it!

1051 in stock

Japanese the Game: Anime

Cheer for the good guys, defeat the bad guys and win the heart of the cute guy in class! This deck features words you’ll commonly hear in Japanese anime, as well as pictures drawn anime style to help you along your path to becoming a Japanese master. A must have for any fan of Japanese anime!

250 in stock

Japanese the Game: Conjugations

Conjugations are different ‘endings’ to a word that changes the feeling of the word it’s tacked on to, making the word more polite, or with a positive or negative connotation, among others. This deck comes with a couple handy conjugations tables, making it easy to identify the kind of conjugation that should be added to a word. Recommended for more advanced Japanese learners, this will definitely add some flair and depth to your next game!

443 in stock

Japanese the Game: Salaryman

We’ve all been there, dead tired after a long day at work, and the Japanese are no different. An entire culture surrounds the life of your average white-collar worker, and this is a deck that brings some of those concepts into your game. Not only are there words for your typical office work space, but terms for your superiors and fellow co-workers. At least playing with this deck is a lot better than being at the office!

445 in stock

Japanese the Game: Food

Food. Everyone loves food, and when you’re in Japan, there’s no end of things to try! This deck covers everything from different types of food to the words used for cooking. Each card features an image of the food, so even if it’s something you’ve never heard of, you’ll be able to tell what’s on your plate. Dig in!

445 in stock (can be backordered)

Japanese the Game: Travel

Tokyo, Shibuya, Harajuku; oh the places you’ll go. If you want to go to Japan some day, this is the deck for you! This deck features words needed to travel around Japan, as well as important places to know about, such as police boxes and the embassy. Go into Japan armed with this deck, a thirst for adventure, and know that you are well armed to take on a new country!

253 in stock

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