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Please allow us to introduce ourselves! We are Unnamed Method (UM), a recent start up that has taken over Japanese: the Game (JtG). A lot has happened and you may be a little confused, so we’ll start where every story should start.

You likely heard of JtG when it was owned and produced by Common Tongue Inc (CTI), headed by Bernhard Hamaker. JtG is Hamaker’s thought child that came into this world when many of his friends and family were delighted by the way he taught his children Japanese. Figuring at first that this would be a small educational game to share with a couple hundred people at best, he ran a small Kickstarter to obtain the funds to produce the game. Well, at least he thought it would be small.

Word of his Japanese teaching card game spread like wildfire, especially among those who were fans of Japanese anime and culture, demolishing the original goal of $5,700 with a final pledge of $128,808. This took everyone by surprise, but Hamaker had the drive and passion to provide everyone with this fun, language-learning card game. Unfortunately, passion doesn’t always win out against reality.

As some of you are aware, production of the cards fell behind not only demand for the game, but even some decks necessary to fulfill the original Kickstarter backers. Hamaker slowly caught himself in a cycle of selling pre-orders for out of stock JtG decks and not having the funds necessary to fulfill those back orders.

In March of 2017, some previous employees of CTI and some new faces came together to buy JtG from him in return for fulfilling all previous back orders. It was a slow start in the beginning, but UM eventually created an upgraded version of JtG that we’re using to start fulfilling all of the backorders with.

And, well, that brings us to now! The ball is rolling, and we’re not only fulfilling our promise to those still waiting patiently for their decks, but offering our new and improved products for sale. We know some of you may feel hurt and mistrusting after your experience with CTI, and we certainly understand why. We don’t demand that you put your faith in us; we’re going to give you proof.

Contact us if you have any questions at all, and know that we will strive to always put all of you first and foremost.