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Korean: the Game

(Expected Kickstarter Launch - May 2018)

Korean: The Game is the new hit card game from Unnamed Method, the guys who brought you Japanese: the Game.  Playing the Language teaches you the grammar BEFORE the vocab, giving you a structure on which to hang new words.

The cards in this game have Korean words on them, along with markings that help you put them together in complete, grammatically correct sentences every time.

  • This game puts the language right in your hands, helping you learn at your own pace.

  • Words and phrases are TOPIK aligned, helping you prepare for basic proficiency.

  • Use any QR reader to get audio playback of word pronunciation.

  • Core Deck has 108 cards, which is enough for up to 2 players. To accommodate more players, each Expansion provides enough cards for an additional player.

  • Expansion has 54 cards, which is enough to add 1 player to your Core Deck

    Learn Korean faster than ever before.  Kickstarter coming May 2018

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